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Free Library Flyer Template

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If you own a library and you want to design a flyer for your marketing campaign then you have come to the right place. Download the flyer template on this page to your personal computer and just edit the necessary fields to put in your own data. For example, in your flyer, you can write some thing about the quality of your books. You can describe how unique your books collection is. The template is very easy to edit and even a novice computer user can easily edit it. I have used this flyer template myself for a library once and its color scheme is very good and suitable for a library business. Although it looks a bit outdated but you might have heard that "Old is Gold" so give it a try. Here is a quick snapshot of this library flyer I was talking about.
Library Flyer Template

Library Flyer Template

Here is the download link to download the template.
Download Library Flyer Template
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