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Free For Sale Flyer Template

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I have recently designed a very good 5 inches X 7 inches for sale flyer template and I am posting it on flyers Just like various other flyers on our website, this sales flyer template is also totally free. It is designed in MS word to make it easy to edit. MS Word is a very common computer application therefore it should already present in your computer. I haven’t used a single photo in this flyer template yet it is still look very professional. You don’t need to purchase stock photos in order to print this flyer, you only need to edit text as per your needs and that’s it. No wonder what you are selling this flyer template will perfectly serve your purpose. There is a large round area in red color in the top right corner of this flyer with the word “Sale” writing inside it. You can change this word to whatever you want. On the top left hand side of the flyer, there is a green colored rectangle with rounded corners, right now it contains “50% Discount” in it but you can change it as well. Under this goes main for sale flyer title and followed by main marketing headline, they are also changeable just like the rest of the text. Regardless of your business, you can easily alter this for sale flyer to fit your business needs. You can put a plenty of marketing text in this flyer and the text will be prominent enough to catch your client’s eye. On the other hand, if you are an individual trying to sell your personal items, even then this flyer is suitable for you. You can use it as a business for sale flyer, dog for sale flyer, puppies for sale flyer or you can even use it to serve as a car for sale flyer or house for sale flyer. There are six small boxes with rounded red outlines. You can either put different items and their respective prices inside these boxes or you can write qualities of the thing you are selling.
Free For Sale Flyer Template

Free For Sale Flyer Template

For example, if you are selling your house then you can highlight good qualities of your house in these six boxes. E.g. fully furnished, well ventilated, area in square feet etc etc. If you are selling your dog then you can write your dog’s qualities like tamed, clean, calm etc etc similarly, if you are selling your car then you can highlight your car information in these six boxes like its mileage, fuel consumption, sitting capacity etc. The last area of this for sale flyer template can contain your contact details and any remaining information you want to put in it. This flyer template is only 5 inches X 7 Inches therefore we have chosen large fonts in this template. The text you write should be easily readable for an average eye. You can print it using your regular printer or you can also get it printed by professional printers. Download For Sale Flyer Template
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