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Coreldraw is a very good flyer template designing application. Professional designers use coreldraw to design professional quality flyer templates. I have designed a general purpose coreldraw flyer template and uploaded it here. It is totally free. You can download this coreldraw flyer template for free and can use it for whatever purpose you want. I have designed this flyer template myself so there are not duplication issues possible. This coreldraw flyer template has 5 image slots available in it which means you can put 5 images in this flyer template. There is a left bar along with the flyer which contains flyer title. I don’t think any other flyer template can have so prominent title as this flyer template has. Above the flyer title, there is a star burst to show your limited time offers or similar. Unlike other flyer templates, this flyer has a text area and a main text highlights area. You can choose your marketing highlights and can put them in the right side text highlights area. General text area can be enlarged by sacrificing the main flyer image size. The bottom image can be replaced with your address or contact us area. This flyer template is very professional and if you have a very little knowledge of coreldraw, you can easily edit it. I have save this flyer template in coreldraw 9.0 format so even if you have old versions of coreldraw, you can still use this flyer template. You can also edit this flyer in any other software application which can import CDR files. I believe adobe illustrator also supports importing cdr files. So you can also use adobe illustrator to edit this flyer template.
Coreldraw Flyer Template

Coreldraw Flyer Template

CorelDraw Flyer Template
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