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Advertising flyers are necessary for every business. We can say that advertisement is soul of a business. No matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t introduce it to public, no one is going to buy it. Advertising flyers are the best way to introduce your products and services within your market. When I got my first advertising flyer printed, I spent a lot of money on it. That was because I was unaware of the whole process. But now when I am gone through the whole advertising flyer printing process various times, I am confident that I can get them printed in almost one third of the cost I spent the very first time. Under my experience, Flyer designing has the largest share in the cost of whole advertising flyer printing process. You first go to a designer with your product data and the text content of your advertising flyer. The designer will show you some flyers templates based upon the idea you gave him. You will select a flyer template and then the designer will give you a date. You will drive to the designer’s office and will get your final advertising flyer. I am not sure about the cost of designing process in your area but in my area, I had to pay $200 to $600 depending upon the advertising flyer size. I seriously wanted to avoid this designing cost so I analyzed the whole flyer designing process. I concluded that the key factor in the whole flyer designing process is the advertising flyers templates collection which the designer showed me the very first time. Although the templates the designer showed me were only editable in high tech designing applications like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw which I couldn’t edit. After some research, I found some easy to edit flyer templates which you can edit using MS Word and MS Publisher. I know most of you have MS Office on your PCs. I can guess that may be Open Office which is open source and free can also open these flyer templates but I haven’t tried yet. I am sharing a couple of good advertising flyers templates I gathered and have used for my own business advertisement. Here they are. The flyer templates look simple but can successfully communicate your advertising message. Please click bellow to download them.
Download Advertising Flyer Template 1
Download Advertising Flyer Template 2
Advertising Flyer 2

Advertising Flyer 2

Advertising Flyer

Advertising Flyer

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