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A5 Flyer Template

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A5 Flyer means a 5.8 Inch X 8.3 Inch flyer which is commonly used in marketing campaigns. A5 flyers have relatively low cost due to less paper used. On the other hand, if a good A5 flyer template is used, you can comfortably include all your marketing material inside A5 dimensions. I have received a plenty of requests to post a free A5 flyer template therefore I have decided to design a general purpose A5 flyer template to post here. This flyer template is designed by me so it is totally free to use. You don’t need to worry about any copyright issues. You don’t need any professional designing software to publish this flyer, all you need is MS Word installed on your personal computer. This template is fully compatible with old versions of M Word as well so you don’t even need the new MS Word to edit it. I have only used the shapes available inside MS word instead of using external images therefore the flyer template is light in size and can be download instantly.
A5 Flyer Template

A5 Flyer Template

A5 Flyer Template
Basically there are four editable text sections inside this flyer template. First one is title then next is a text paragraph area in which you can write your initial marketing statement. Third area is the bullets text area in which you can mention your main marketing points. The final area is again a text area in which you can write your current offers and closing marketing sentences. Apparently this flyer template seems to be too simple however it has a high turnover ratio. Good luck with your marketing campaign.
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